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Kellerbauer Trail

High above the valleys of Selva dei Mulini and Rio Bianco, this twelve-kilometer trail leads across the entire Schaflahnerkamm Ridge, which runs between the valleys.

Ascent: From the hamlet of Drittelsand, about 2 km from Campo Tures (Sand in Taufers), at 940 m, take the two-part Speikboden chairlift up to the Michlreiser Alm alpine pastures (1,960). High Trail: From Michlreiser Alm, take Trail No. 27, following signs for Speikboden. In about 75 minutes, the moderately steep trail leads up to a mountain shoulder with signs (2387 m). From there, the high trail starts running horizontally: stay on it (still Trail No. 27) past the ruins of the Sonklarhütte mountain hut and across the southern slopes of the summit of Speikboden Peak to a little notch, Mühlwalder Jöchl (2,342 m). Continue, almost flat, through the southern slopes of the ridge, west to the Fadnerjöchl notch (about 2,425 m). Then cross Gorner Mountain on the north side to Gorner Joch (2,277 m) and continue to the Wurmtaler Jöchl notch (2,288 m). Continue along the well-marked Trail No. 27 through the steep, sometimes rock-strewn grassy sides of the Zinnsnock and Ringelstein mountains as far as under the Lappacher Jöchl, through the slopes of Tristenspitz Peak, partially over boulders. Continue on to Tristensee Lake (2,344 m) and to the Rifugio Porro (Chemnitzer Hütte) mountain hut. Descent: from Chemnitz Hütte, follow Trail No. 24 east to Göge Alm (2,027 m) through the little Trattertal Valley and out to Weißenbach (1,334 m) in the side valley of the same name, which branches out from Valle Aurina (Ahrntal) Valley at Lutago (Luttach)

duration 7:30 h
distance 21,5 km
vertical climb 340 hm
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