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For a sustainable future

We attach great importance to the careful use of resources and therefore rely on renewable energy and sustainable local cycles in our hotel operations. Together with our guests, we want to make a long-lasting contribution to climate protection.

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Warmth from our forests

As early as 20 years ago, we installed a wood chip system in the hotel to supply the heating system with heat from renewable resources. The energy was supplied by wood residues from the surrounding forests. The ongoing expansions and qualitative improvements of the last few years made it necessary to enlarge the heating system. So, it was obvious to connect it to the biomass district heating plant in Luttach. The district heating plant is operated with wood waste from the sawmill of the Feichter family next door. The fuel is supplied by trees from the surrounding forests, which are managed and cared for by local farmers and woodworkers. This completes a natural cycle that provides warmth and well-being, supports the local economy and protects nature and our environment.

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Sauberer Strom aus Wasserkraft

Auch unser Strom stammt aus natürlichen und erneuerbaren Quellen im Tal. Wir sind Mitglied der lokalen Ahrntaler E-Werk Genossenschaft. Deren zwei Kraftwerke Weitfeld und Weißenbach versorgen die Familien und Unternehmen von Luttach und Weißenbach mit sauberem Strom zu fairen Preisen. Als Hotelbetrieb zählen wir zu den größeren Abnehmern des E-Werks und sind so nicht nur Nutznießer eines nachhaltigen Stromangebots, sondern können auch zur Wertschöpfung im Tal beitragen.

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Less energy = more sustainability

As part of our sustainability philosophy, we always strive to monitor and optimize energy consumption in the hotel with small and effective measures. For example, we close our outdoor swimming pools with heat-insulating covers overnight. The waste heat from the cooling machines is reused for the swimming pool heating. All ventilation systems run with modern and efficient heat recovery systems. In addition, the renovations in recent years have been carried out according to climate house standards.

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Your contribution counts too

We are pleased if you also support our efforts to protect the climate. Most of the time, a few small actions and a little mindfulness are all it takes. Here are our energy-saving tips:

  • You can regulate the room temperature in your room according to your needs.
  • When you air your room, open the windows and doors wide and only for a few minutes.
  • Please remove unused chargers from the socket.
  • Change your hand and bath towels only, when necessary, especially in the sauna.
  • Sensible use of water in the bathroom is good for the environment.
  • If you have a room with an outdoor whirlpool, please do not forget to close it with the cover.
  • South Tyrol has a dense and modern public mobility network. Take advantage of this offer.


Our commitment to sustainability and the environment goes further and further for an intact living space here in South Tyrol in the beautiful Ahrntal.

Did you know? South Tyrol in numbers: Our country has around 550,000 inhabitants and is rich in forests and mountains. In fact, the habitable area of ​​South Tyrol is only 5.5% of the total area, which means that with us you can enjoy untouched nature, clear water and fresh air. Only around 30% of this small habitable area is currently populated.

""Our hotel relies on renewable energy and sustainable local cycles to make a contribution to climate protection. We use a wood chip plant and are connected to the Luttach biomass district heating plant. Our electricity comes from local hydroelectric power plants. We constantly monitor and optimize our energy consumption. You can also contribute by using energy and water carefully and using the public mobility network."""

We use rainwater to irrigate our gardens, which has allowed us to greatly reduce our water consumption. Our showers and taps are equipped with water-saving aerators to further reduce water consumption without any loss of comfort.

We also pay attention to sustainability when using cleaning products. We use minimal amounts of cleaning products. We buy detergents and cleaning products in large canisters and dose them using a dosing system to make the use of cleaning products more efficient and reduce plastic waste.

We are still happy to offer our guests free bathing shoes. However, in order to reduce our ecological footprint, we have decided to no longer automatically provide bathing shoes in the rooms. This allowed us to reduce the waste created by bathing shoes by more than 80%.

Our lighting system uses state-of-the-art LED lamps controlled by sensors and optimization software to optimize energy consumption. LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than other technologies.

Our air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems as well as kitchen appliances, washing machines, dryers and sauna heaters are linked to an intelligent energy optimization system that ensures that all devices work as energy-efficiently as possible.

We also ensure careful waste separation and train our employees in this regard. Our digital concierge allows us to do without a printed guest directory in the rooms. Information about our region, activities and weekly programs can be accessed at any time via all devices at https://schwarzenstein.live.

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