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Sauna – the Dolomites surrounding our wellness hotel Schwarzenstein

Ten saunas for the ultimate spa experience

One hotel, ten saunas in the Dolomites – this is our irresistible offer to those who like it hot and need a healthy sweat to shake off the daily grind.  Unwind in our luxury sauna world; the Dolomites’ spectacular nature will do the rest to treat you to the ultimate wellness holiday experience!

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Brine steam bath with panoramic window

The nonpareil saltwater steam bath for radiant, velvety skin. The nebulised salt penetrates into the upper skin layers with maximum cleansing effects, making your skin silk-soft!

37-40 °C
100% humidity

Infrared gallery sauna with panoramic window

The deep-penetrating radiant heat of this sauna has soothing effects on your back and joints, enhancing your well-being.

ca. 45 °C

“Alpine Rose” – Organic Swiss stone pine sauna with panoramic window

This elegant, “Stube-style” wood-panelled dry sauna features a combination of slowly-induced hyperthermia in a hot, humid climate and the inhaling of vapours flavoured with local herbs or essences. It also offers a panoramic view to the surrounding nature!

55-60 °C

South Tyrolean Stube sauna

A private atmosphere to relax in a traditional South Tyrolean ambience. With its stove and local, high-mountain wood this sauna welcomes you to South Tyrol’s cosiest tradition.

80-90 °C
20% Humidity

Herbal cistern

Soothing radiant heat and an automatic herbal infusion, for up to 30 minutes of bliss on warm benches. 

ca. 45-55 °C
30-40% humidity

“Frog nature” – wet sauna

Radiant heat from the benches and water fountains make for good spirits and improved health.

ca. 42-45 °C
100% humidity

South Tyrolean outdoor hut sauna, near the natural pond

Our large, traditional Finnish sauna with infusions – a classic for the perfect sauna experience. Located directly at the natural bathing pond and plunge pool, it is a must for all true sauna enthusiasts.

90-95 °C
20-30% humidity

Gemstone steam grotto with amethyst

The amethyst conveys to this steam bath the power of nature and a special, mystical character.

ca. 38-40 °C
100% humidity

Tepidarium – Regeneration room with brine steam

By inhaling atomised brine air breathing is improved, and the radiant heat conveyed by the ergonomical stone benches ensures deep relaxation.

ca. 39 °C

Dress-on organic sauna – sauna sessions in your swimsuit

You can keep your swimsuit on while having a healthy sweat on hygienic seats and loungers. Ideal for families, it is located in the pool area.

ca. 55-60 °C
20% humidity

Plunge pool in the natural bathing pond

Our plunge pool in the sauna garden is open throughout the year to offer a refreshment opportunity after an intense sauna session. Step outside, take a deep breath and cool off in the plunge pool – an unparalleled treat for your body!

The Ice lion

A lion’s head guards the fountain filled in ice flakes which you can rub onto your body after a sauna session, whenever and as much as you wish. The tingling sensation on your skin has an invigorating effect, while the temperature leap stimulates the blood flow ans strengthens the immune system. Ice also makes a firmer skin.

The ice lion provides cooling after your sauna session near the Dolomites

Foot shower – with alternating temperature

Just sit down and have your feet pampered by the alternating hot and cold water.

The Wood brook – A new shower experience

A new experience path with several shower highlights.

Is it your first sauna session ever? Click here to read our sauna tips for a perfect sauna experience, right from the start!

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