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The climatic gallery in Predoi

Ideal against allergies and asthma

The climatic gallery in Predoi/Prettau is just steps away from our wellness hotel in South Tyrol,and provides best air conditions for asthmatics and people with allergies. The principle is the same as that of salt cave therapy: thanks to the clean, virtually pollen-free air in the climatic gallery of Predoi, respiratory problems are alleviated. The special healing climate in the climatic gallery of Predoi, with its high humidity, has positive effects on people suffering from chronic lung disease, as it provides the most congenial conditions for breathing. 

The temperature in the climatic gallery of Predoi ranges from 8 °C to 10 °C and, despite the considerable humidity, the air itself contains very little water vapour. When inhaled, the air is heated to body temperature and, on its way through the respiratory tract, it collects lots of water, which means that it drains the mucous membranes thus reducing the swelling and improving the patient’s wellbeing. The positive effects are intensified by movement and breathing exercises. 

To those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other forms of lung disease, we suggest a visit to the climatic gallery in Predoi – an extra kick of health to your your wellness & spa holiday in Italy!

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Museo provinciale delle miniere
The climatic gallery of Predoi/Prettau – worth a visit
Musei provinciali Alto Adige

I breathe...

The climatic gallery in Predoi/Prettau

Try the “I breathe” programme offered at the climatic gallery of Predoi – the name says it all. The gallery is a specially developed area in the now abandoned mine of Predoi. The unique climatic and air conditions in the gallery are known to offer relief to people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis, pollen allergy, sinusitis and more. The effects are sometimes impressive. So much so that this form of natural therapy has been officially recognised in many European countries.

The climatic gallery is open from 16 April to 3 November 2019. In the month of August and on bank holidays it is also open on Mondays. Booking required.

Telephone: 0039 0474 654298

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The Predoi mine

In 1996, the lowest gallery of the copper mine in Predoi was made accessible to visitors and turned into a show mine. Live history first-hand with an exciting descent into this fascinating man-made underworld!

Ausgestattet mit Helm und Regenjacke wird man an Bord der kleinen Grubenbahn ca. 1 km in den Stollen hineingefahren. Dort beginnt der 350 m lange Rundgang, auf dem man von fachkundigen Guides die Abläufe der schweren und gefährlichen Bergmannsarbeit vermittelt bekommt. Figuren –  die lebensechten Knappen ähneln – veranschaulichen die verschiedenen Arbeitsabläufe. Abzweigende Stollen und in die Tiefe führende Schächte vermitteln einen guten Eindruck der schwierigen Arbeitsbedingungen unter Tage.

Equipped with an helmet and a rain jacket, you will board a small mine train that goes 1 kilometre down into the tunnel. This is where the 350m long tour begins, on which expert guides explain all about the hard, dangerous work of miners. Lifelike figures along the way illustrate the different work processes. Branching tunnels and shafts leading into the depths give a good impression of the difficult working conditions in the underground tunnels.

There is also a facility on grounds where an alternative method for copper extraction can still be observed.

New this year: the combi card includes a guided tour of the show mine and admission to the Cadipietra/Steinhaus Granary Museum.

Telephone: 0039 0474 654298

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The Mining Museum in the Granary of Cadipietra/Steinhaus

Der sog. Kornkasten in Steinhaus war früher der Lebensmittelspeicher für den Ahrntaler Bergwerksbetrieb. Noch heute erinnert die rötliche Fassadenfarbe des Gebäudes an den Kupferabbau! Heute bildet der Kornkasten eine ideale Ergänzung zum Besuch des Schaubergwerkes in Prettau und erzählt neben der Geschichte des Ahrntaler Kupferbergbaus auch viel über die Lebensbedingungen, die Bräuche, die besonderen Privilegien usw. der Bergleute von damals.

The granary in Cadipietra was used as the food store for the local mine. The reddish colour of the building's façade still evokes the days of copper mining. Today, the granary makes an ideal addition to a visit to the show mine in Predoi, offering interesting insights into the history of copper mining in the Valle Aurina/Ahrntal valley as well as into the living conditions, customs, special privileges, etc. of the miners of that time.

New this year: the combi card includes a guided tour of the show mine and admission to the Cadipietra/Steinhaus Granary Museum.

Open from 16 April to 3 November 2019
Tue– Sun 10.30 – 18.00
Also open on Mondays during the month of August and on bank holidays!

Telephone: 0039 0474 651043

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